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About the company

Revolutionizing Ecommerce with the Zero Data Concept Welcome to xhype, where user privacy isn't just a promise—it's our core. We present an unprecedented shopping experience in the world of e-commerce, where the customer's privacy is respected to the extent that we don't request any personal data. Yes, you read that right: no email, no phone number, and no other data. Because at xhype, we don't just protect your privacy, we simply don’t ask you to share it.

Our mission

It all started in 2021 when three visionaries posed a question: Why should individuals constantly be giving up their personal data to companies, who often share them with third parties? These third parties, in turn, inundate with unwanted phone calls and send countless unsolicited emails. Moreover, letting your data be accessible to everyone is a risk in itself. After this enlightening conversation and countless hours of programming, development, and negotiations, almost two years later, xhype was born: the world's first travel marketplace with the Zero Data concept.

Our Offering

xhype is not just a marketplace; it's a revolution in the way we shop. With us, customers have access to over 40,000 unique experiences, half a million hotels in 195 countries, 120,000 excursions, and we collaborate with 500 car rental providers. Moreover, we offer virtual eSIM cards for travelers worldwide, all under an unprecedented privacy experience.

Commitment to Privacy

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury, but a fundamental right. At xhype, we firmly believe in this principle. We don't request, store, or share your personal data because we understand its value. With xhype, customers can be assured that their privacy is safeguarded at all times.

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Ready to experience a new way of online shopping, without compromising your privacy? Explore xhype and discover a world of possibilities without giving up your personal data.

For more info visit xhype.io.